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Tier 1 Martial Arts



Kali is a weapons-based system from the Philippines which is great for your proprioception and timing but also enables you to develop counter measures for an armed threat (e.g. blade or stick)! This is pre-dominantly achieved with training with single and double sticks, which are sometimes different lengths & sizes. You will enhance your coordination with your non-dominant hand and become partially ambidextrous.



Many of the techniques do not require strength or power, since most of the power is derived from body movement and economy of motion. Because there is no need for strength, ANYONE can learn Kali, from the very young to the more mature students. In fact, Kali is an amazing way to improve cognitive abilities helping brain development and helping to prevent brain deterioration. Kali is ideally practiced with a training partner, so it is a great way to meet people, but you can of course bring a friend, too.



Kali also has an empty hand element known as Panantukan. This is a form of boxing which incorporates the use of limb destructions, wrenches and body manipulation and is often referred to as ‘Dirty Boxing’.



The principles and techniques in Kali can be applied with and without weapons, whether they are improvised or not.  In addition to the fitness and health benefits of this training you will also gain a very functional system for self-defence, whether it is countering an assault or defending yourself against an armed or unarmed attack.

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