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Tier 1 Martial Arts

Phil Norman

An elusive combat system designed for sport fighting where the rules allow you to stand and strike!


This award-winning system prioritises elusive movement over hitting, using principles that have been tried and tested in competition at international and elite level. Gone are the ignorant crowd-pleasing toe to toe bouts, ‘rockem and sockem style’, guaranteed to give you brain damage!



Ghost has an intelligent approach to sport, using systemised unorthodox elusive movement, which will enable you to ‘box clever’. Developing your coordination thought Ghost, similarly to Kali, has shown to improve your brain health, so not only are you avoiding head trauma, but you are actually improving brain functions! For any responsible parent or guardian this must simply be the obvious answer for health & fitness training with the added side-effect of self-defence. Our household training sessions allow you to partner up with your child/ young person, bonding through a mutually enjoyed workout experience!



Last but not least, the 3rd principle of Ghost is constant movement, so this training is going to enhance your fitness levels without tedious and boring cardio workouts.

Intelligent Combat

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